Sunday, December 28, 2008

this is a picture from the "louisville is for lovers 2008 showcase"
it's billy and cheyanne from Big Time Band. i put this picture up because it's early morning here and i'm awake and have nothing to do right now, and also because when i saw that 1970's picture of cydde's daddy it reminded me of billy. maybe their kin. he is also in a band called The Trophy Wives that are on TRAFOZSATSFM and on a future release or two. and cheyanne is busy these days too. she and Will O just finished some recording for louisville is for Lovers vol.9, and is scheduled to be on the road with will for 6 months in 2009. i don't know how these people juggle so much at once, but i'm awful thankful they do!

Friday, December 26, 2008

my first crush

eartha kitt is gone. the timing is kinda strange considering her hit 'santa baby'
as a boy in grammar skool i had a big ol' crush on cat woman (agent 99 also)!

agent 99

Thursday, December 25, 2008

melbourne (adelaide) family photo album

Lunch at grandparents' place (Woodville, Adelaide - dad and mum!)

Me and Papa in north queensland with one of the deadliest snakes in the world (taipan - dead!)

Aunt Roz and Minnie (grandma) in a drinking session 1970s - fosters is beer of the devil

Me and older sis (around 1979)


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

merry christmas musicland

click here (!) for a very special complete recording of a 'glitter and doom' performance in atlanta presented by NPR. also, if your interested my NPR "off the record" segment airs this week. you can hear it if you like.happy christmas you guys, keep warm and hold your babies close.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

a really low res LOUISVILLE IS FOR LOVERS 3 promo poster

i printed like a million of these posters and no one would put them up. the record stores claimed 'it wasn't family friendly' i always thought the neighborhood record store was the last refuge for freedom of expression. so there was a box of them in the merch room for like three years until i pissed off the cat one day and she pissed on them. good kittie. anywhoo this lovely poster captures the spirit of miss kate, and the magical year of 2002.

Monday, December 15, 2008

what's up cristina?

this song makes me a happy man..

no ham sandwich could be more tempting than mr. christina martinez. and speaking of, he seems to have kept up that classic sex explosion after all these years. feel good about your body, baby.


don't get me wrong, but i say when you assume a certain lifestyle, you have a responsibility.
here's a photo from our ongoing melbourne family photo series:

the honeymoon's over, mamma cass.

jonny looking a bit sus himself (right):

Monday, November 24, 2008

December's children

hello gang! what a crazy week, today is the first day i didn't wake up in a frenzy. TRAFOZSATSFM is out in a week and i am nervous about it. and also the deadline for Lis4L is also in a week and i've only received one song so far! but i'm trying not to worry too much... one thing at a time. jeffrey is recouping at home, i hope your feeling alright, sir. his email account sent me an automated response that said "i'll be getting my shoulder cut until dec. 1st" sounds painful, on the other hand(or other shoulder?) you have plenty of time to go through your record collection!

i was thinking that december may be a very busy time for everyone and perhaps we might want to take some time off for the holidays and regroup after? it's just one thought, let me know what you guys think.
happy thanksgiving jeffrey, everyone else... god bless you anyway. i hope everybody's well.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


i have just purchased a ticket to go to the All Tomorrow's Parties show in sydney on 17 january being curated by nick cave & the bad seeds - if i'm honest, mostly to see the Dirty Three play Ocean Songs from cover to cover... course there are plenty of other good bands showing up, and it's on an old ship-building island in sydney harbour (cockatoo island).

crazy or what?!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

happy samhain

i was included in a public radio feature broadcasted on Halloween (today). if you'd like to hear it, you can find it here.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

november winds are closing in

ok gang let's get a november theme together. one theory that sticks out is jeffrey's idea "bands we like that just disappeared into the night" another one i really like is one that jeffrey and cydde kinda came up with together of doing 3 full albums under related themes. if someone could remind me exactly what the theme was for that one.
if anyone is too busy to participate right now just let us know and maybe we can get some visiting contributers. there are audiophiles out there ready to join the conversation. and really, it's no big deal, and we won't take it personally. if you need some time to catch up on other things in your life, you can come back anytime. promise.
so, let's toss around some themes and get some good winter music together! and really, if anyone needs a break, it is no problem. also, if anyone knows someone out there in some nation that needs a hobby, let us know.
happy near halloween you guys!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday, September 26, 2008


I finally mailed the September CD. Sorry it took so long. Because I know that no one actually wanted to hear the Jonas Brothers, i fudged on the concept just a little for the sake of spreading good music. I picked The National, a band that i didn't hate at first but i was pretty underwhelmed. but then they put out an EP called "Cherry Tree" and it totally turned me around. So i put "Cherry Tree" and the band's latest, "Boxer," on one disc. It should arrive mid-week.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

ike beats louisville silly

i've never heard of a hurricane destroying a city that wasn't in a coastal state. we are over a thousand miles from the texas coast. but on sunday hurricane Ike's winds rolled into town and beat the living hell out of us. the governor declared a state of emergency hours after the storm hit. the tree in the pic fell minutes after i rode threw there (rushing home on the bike in 75 mile an hour winds). after 4 days 300,000 louisvillians are still without power. i just got mine back at 9pm tonite. and i think it's only because there's a children's skool on my block. my father lives a block away and he was told it would be at least 10 more days before he gets his restored. all the electricians went down to texas to help. i can't believe they went down before the storm was over. there are limited recourses here and the city is restoring the rich neighborhoods first. in louisville the rich live in the east, and the poor in the west. last night i rode over to the hills of southern indiana and looked at the louisville skyline. the east was glowing and the west was absolutely dark.
the city is empty on fuel, iv'e seen people beating each other at petrol stations for a single drop. people stay up sitting on their stoops guarding their homes from looters. it's wild. i just ran off two rednecks in a truck full of scrap metal eyeing my motorcycle.

it's been a hell of a week. iv'e spent nite after nite in the dark with the kitty. she knew something was wrong too. she actually listened to me during the black out, now that it's back, she's back to ignoring my rules. good girl! it's pushed the ziggy record back (agian) and the recording studio is still without power. it's gonna be headache getting this thing back on line. but i'm determined.
iv'e got a weeks worth of emails to get into,and a fridge full of spoiled food to throw out, but i wanted to jump on here and let everyone know i'm ok. i haven't heard from jeffrey, i know he lives in german town which is mostly without power. i'm sure his doing ok.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

falling down, and supplemental emoticons

the barely 2 months we get of fall in louisville is the best 2 months all year. there's a feeling in the air, and for the first time all year, everyone feels all right for awhile. and everyone pines for love lost and better times long behind us. October's mix is gonna take us all on a trip into the past, some good times and some that still sting.
this month's theme holds some of that nostalgia for me as well. i have sent you all a pre-swap CD because my september swap is a 2 cd album released today and i wanted to get familiar with it before i send it. it's a rare and unreleased compilation spanning 15 years of portastatic, which is the solo work of Superchunck frontman MAC MCCAUGHAN. i was a super fan in high skool of superchunk and was pissed that he decided to release his own records thinking he would keep the best stuff for himself and hold out on the band. it wasn't till years later i realized some things were too personal, and needed to stay close. also his long time girlfriend was the superchunk bass player, and when she left him, his solo work began. it served more as an audio diary to work out his feelings than ultra refined music. it has a readiness about it. it's raw for sure, which holds an innocence about it. (mccaughan is a fellow blogger in this system, he uses portastatic as his blog name aswell. click here to check it out).
we'll see how i feel about it's been years since iv'e heard portastatic or superchunk. it does have a version of 'skinny glasses girl', an indie hit of sorts, which may make it onto octobers mix.
as for the supplemental CD, which will be hitting your doorstep anytime now, is a mix i dubbed "destroy me" that i put together of songs that said how i feel about the end of my relationship. some songs are from the side of the heartbroken (me) and some on the side of the heartbreaker (not me). i even color coded the track list and added a list key outlining which songs are which, but it's obvious i'm sure. ironically most of the tracks on there came from mixes old girlfriends gave me. what goes around, eh?
really this mix helped me hurdle the last great barriers in my way to moving on. much in the way the gambette mix helped me start the healing process (thanks leo). i just thought you guys would like it, it doesn't have much to do with the theme besides having 4 songs from songs:ohia/electric magnolia co. a band that i hated with honor when they first came out, now i joyfully cry along to their heartbreaking ballads with pride. this band was what spawned this month's theme, and i was going to use them, but i sent cydde some of their e.p.'s (extra curricular trading, which is totally encouraged) and figured you are already familiar with them. if for nothing else, 'destroy me' mix is a good soundtrack for night driving to nowhere in particular. your 2nd package should be sent out next week.
i hope your summer ends well, and your autumn is even better (except for cydde who's done with fall, and winter for that matter).

No addresses

I've just realized that I don't have everyone's mailing address, which means you won't be getting your Jonas Bothers record.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

couple of more theme ideas

how about "comfort records," the ones we go to when some girl has wrecked us or the blues have come down like a thunderstorm. for me, these are records that transcend everything. they're bigger than life.

or "most embarrassing record you love," which generally takes you back to grade school or teen years. candidates for me: "starcastle" (don't ask) or maybe rush's "2112."

this last one is a little more esoteric, but what about "records you can't help but listen to all the way through once you start it"? if i listen to the first track of richard buckner's "devotion and doubt," i ain't going anywhere for the next 35 minutes.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

possible themes

i've two themes that might be obvious but, hey, i'm new to this.

one would be albums from established bands that were dismissed by the band's fans for some reason or another BUT you love the album (for some reason or another). my example would be the jayhawks' "the sound of lies," which i think is total genius but most jayhawks fans didn't like it because it was the first that didn't feature the band's co-founder, mark olson, who had quit.

the other theme is great records by a band or artist who then completely disappeared, and by disappeared i mean you can't even google that shit.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

welcome home and theme ideas

i'd like to be the first to welcome jeffrey lee puckett to the club! mr. puckett is a music editor in louisville, and a pretty wonderful person. if anyone has someone they think would make a good cd swap member, let us know. i still would like to have e.u., south america, african representation. really anywhere on the map would rule!
it's a transitional time here, so we haven't picked upcoming projects yet, so if anyone has an idea, please let us know!
at this point the active members are john,(louisville) cydde (australia), leo(netherlands), and now jeffrey! we have a few 'sometimes' members that may pop back up anytime:teeny(kentucky/japan) hank (italy) bj (louisville).
leo is on holiday until september, so for august we are just having a sender's choice. leo and cydde has sent lp's from bands from their home countris. i don't know yet what i'm doing, but i might do the same. i think i'll send a e.p.s from 2 bands that are fronted by the same man. (songs:ohia/electric magnolia co.). we need to pick what we are doing for september.
i have some idea's for some upcomming compo's.
-"fuck that band!" (bands we origannly ignored due to pre-concieved ideas). this is due to the conversation we were having about songs: ohia/electric magnolia co. cydde i remember you mentioning some bands you treated that way too. it would be a good one for new members to get started with.
-"high skool crush" songs that remind you of your first love/first heartaches. wev'e all been reminiscing lately about the good ol' days, first loves, first bands we really fell in love with. cydde with 'you am i' and jeffrey with the heart of saturday night. i have a freind that has been retracing her favorite bands from her teenage years and i think she's gonna join us for this particular project when we asign a month for it. maybe sep. or oct. after leo comes back and others are ready.
-"history". wev'e been talking about doing this one for a while. doing a cd on a style of music. cydde mentioned she'd like one on the history of metal. i asked some freinds that know metal to help, but no one got around to it. i would love to have one too, i could try but i really don't know that much.(anyone up to the task?)
i think i'd like to do one on garage rock. it's one of my favorite styles of music and every generation has offered some great garage bands, from the who, to jesus and the mary chain, from the 50's to today, in every basement across the world, garage rock is the most raw straight forward and honest rock there is, not hiding behind fancy effects and instruments to tell you that love will tear us apart!
also i think it would be good to stay current on new releases. talking about new lp's and bands making waves. maybe when one of us comes across a new release we can add it in with our monthly mixes and add a post about it so we can talk about it. and sometimes we can assign certain months for it.

and iv'e been working on a mix i call "destroy me" with songs about how someone has taken someone else's trust and totally destroyed them with it. songs that say all the things i'd like to say to my ex-fiancee. maybe i'll add it as a 2nd cd with "high skool crush" or if you all want to do one too, we can make it theme one month.

let me know what you guys think about these theme ideas, and if you have any, we'll add it to the list.
i'll put together an updated members address list and send it out in an email to everyone this week.
thanks and welcome jeffrey, and welcome home leo!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

aout - australie

in a month of poor inspiration, quite a number of the songs on the july compo from the arse-end happened to be australian. for august i included the first full length album from seminal australian band you am i - sound as ever. the photo here is the earliest i could find online which takes me back to my earliest recollection, well before they became a four-piece. my friend in high skool had her diary full of small pictures from rolling stone mag and one was possibly from this shoot where they were sitting on a kerb. confirm - they're not actually that good lookin are they?! i had a crush on the bassist, andy kent, until my sister stood behind him in an airport queue at heathrow.

sound as ever has not been their most acclaimed album though it has some standout songs - it was produced by lee ranaldo. partly because of my nostalgia i prefer this album and more importantly their second - hi-fi way. down the track i will put that in for good measure. john, is the long-player the one that reminded you of songs:ohia? tim rogers i know used to be very self-conscious about his voice - i think it did improve over the course of time, in that he was able to do more with it. certainly, though, their music has never been complex which is what makes a lot of it so good. no one has ever sounded like these guys so they maintain their special place.

thinking about the music web though, i can even link you am i to pajo in less than six degrees! the diagram will accompany september's yet to be determined compo.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

for cydde, and those who share our love of winter

christmas day 2007 chicago ill. south side.

downtown louisville march 2008

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

john's girls

for my offering of "some girls and a boy (icds/july2008)" i decided to narrow my scope to songs of the rolling stones.i don't know why the stone's was my final dicission, maybe becouse of some girls?
when i first thought of this compo the first songs that came to mind where (in cognoscente order) Ohio riverboat song (Catarina), Agnes the queen of sorrows (happens to be my mother's name :Mary Agnes king) and Lola. which are all fantastic songs, but i thought they were maybe too obvious, or at least i wanted to push myself to really seek out new songs and extend my musical knowladge. and by picking the stone's i certainly learned a great deal. i think i have their catalogue in chronological order burned into my Brain.
i decided to cut off my search at steel wheels (in my mind the last best) and had a lot of fun. i listened to over 400 stone's songs and read the lyrics to over 75 songs to make sure i was on track.
a good deal of the song's were a given; ruby Tuesday, Angie, sweet Virgina. and then there were songs not named after girls, but had girls names in them; dead flowers (lay me down little suzie), star fucker ( Ali McGraw got mad with you for givin' head to Steve McQueen), and then there were songs that were not proper names but rather nick names and euphemisms: hey negrita, poison ivy, and sister morphine.
and i even added a song i love, silver train, which doesn't have a girls name in it at all, but the corus is "i did not know her name!" and i thought it was relevant.
and as for the allotment of a boy's name song, i originally didn't haven't have one but at the last minute picked "bye bye johnny" only because i thought the title was fitting. i really never heard this track before, it was a hit in Britain in the early 60's, and believe is charlie watts singing. i don't really like it, but i'm not a big fan of 'show tunes' sounding stuff.
i knew the stone's were prolific but honestly i could have easily done 2 discs if i was picking on lyric content alone.
iv'e always been a fan of the stones but this project has given me a new found respect. i read a lot of historical essays on their work and lives and cannot believe they came up with as much good material in quick succession and under often chaotic circumstances.
i hope you like it, i'm anxious to hear your thoughts and i can't wait to hear your cds!
have a great holiday cydde and leo!

Friday, June 27, 2008

about some girls and a boy

Howdy, I just worked already a bit upfront, just to relieve myself from too much to do before I go on holiday. In other words, I have the girls and a boy compi already ready. I had to think immediately about Bobbie (on the pic). She was the bass player of Claw Boys Claw and every boy was in love with her at that time. A friend of mine even wrote her a love letter. So that was a girl that drove every boy mad, big brown eyes and playing bass, gee what can man wish more. Anyway, all the other girls on the CD are not like Bobbie, some walk away from you, others are disliked by the community, some sing pretty and slow but none plays bass... But the boy on it, girls, you better beware of him.
That's all there is to reveal right now! Just wait for July! Join in for more girls to listen to if you like, if not that's okay as well.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

cover yourself

cover yourself-june 2008 international cd swap
i'd normally add all this in the cd package but my printer id dead, hopefully by next time i'll be all set!

cd 1 cover yourself
1.let's spend the night together- david bowie "aladdin sane" (rolling stones)
2.(i can't get no) satisfaction- devo "are we not men?" (rolling stones)
3.stuck in the metal -eagles of death metal "peace love death metal" ("stuck in the middle" -steelers wheel) light -the mack w/ teneia sanders "louisville is for lovers live 2008(unreleased)" (greatful dead)
5. kiss the bottle -lucero "dreaming in america" (jawbreaker) come u don't call me anymore -prince "b-side of '1999' 7 inch" (original)
7. blood and tears -gallery singers/my morning jacket "louisville babylon 2007 (hidden track)" (danzig)
8.angel of the morning -merrilee rush and the turnabouts "1967 single" (original)
9.thirteen -elliott smith "b sides and other songs" (big star)
10.halloween -wax fang "louisville babylon 2007" (misfits)

i added 2 originals in wich the cover was more popular and the origonal is lesser known. christine is a juice newten fan, and i thought she would like to here this original. i love this merrilee song. a girl put this on a mixed tape for me once, and when i'd leave her home in the early morning and be deliriously driving home as the sun came up i would play this song and sing it aloud in the car.
and the prince song was made popular by alesha keys. i think keys a great song writer/musician and like her cover of this track, but 'how come u don't call me anymore' is my favorite prince song ever, and i am a huge fan! rachel grimes and i were working on a cover of this song awhile back and one nite i walked out to the corner to get a coke, and a car pulled up blairing key's cover, it just came out and i didn't know any thing about it. i was crushed.
i also added two tracks from a cd i released, and i think you guys might already have it, but the other day i played some wax fang and forgot how great this cover is. and the collaberation with me and my morning jacket might seem weird, but i only sang on it and love the music, and the slash guitar solos. and hidden tracks are always fun.

cd 2
baby huey -the baby huey story

1. listen to me (m. johnson)
2.mama get yourself together (origonal-huey)
3.a change is gonna come (sam cooke)
4.mighty mighty (mayfeild)
5.hard times (mayfield)
6.california dreamin' (mamma's and pappas)
7.running (philips) dragon two dragon (origonal-huey)

this baby huey collection is all the songs he recorded before he died of a herion overdose at 26. he was signed to cutis mayfield's label a year before he died, i think '72 maybe. most of the songs are mayfield covers, and a few others including the mama's and the papa's hit california dreamin, and sam cooke's legendary a change is gonna come. and just 2 originals.
he was thought to become a great singer but died before he finished his first lp.
but what i really love is his arrangments. his take on these songs are brilliant. he was a gifted composer. he deffinatly made these songs his own. dang drugs.
the title of this post is a link to more info on baby huey:
it's a great article, and worth reading.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

okay another try from a self absorbed moop

Just a funny pic from a video shoot we did a while ago; check out the result here:

Just a little adverticing....

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

holiday announcement

Just a household announcement; no, I'm not away yet, but before i forget about it, I think I will sent July and August in one package. From my side it will be no compilations, I have no time for that than. I can pick that up in September. I have just digitalized the JSBE show with the interview and I realised I was there too. The problem was that above the studio is a grand cafe and they have nice Belgium beers, so the memory was kind of blurred but came back while listening to this show again! I remember sitting at the bar before the show with a friend of mine and russel simmins. Not that we talked to him or anything, he looked a bit fucked up!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

coke zero

is coke zero avialable where you are? by god it's hot as hell in kentucky these days. wich is why i am really enjoying the snow theme these days. i am really amazed that austraillia gets that wintery. i realized that when using safari browser i couldn't upload pics. cydde, i've sent invites to 3 email adresses that i think are yours. i'd really like for you to be able to post on here. i think we can change it so anybody can post, but i don't know if were asking for trouble that way. i made this post becouse i have nothing to do today, and also i'd like to hear about will o's new lp. i really don't know much. i saw a little blurb in the weekly mag here. suprizingly there wasn't much hub-bub about it. i know he releases alot of "minor" lp's and then sometimes he'll have a big release. leo, you might might know whats up. and also what do you think about 'ziggy stardust'
happy weekend gang!
p.s.-cydde i finally replied to you on the 'flagship' post.
-and leo, i really like the idea of a cd with girl names on it. being boys, maybe it helps. what do the girls think?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


i sent cydde another invite for cydde to sign up, and also made everyone an adminaster, so you all can make changes to our settings and profiles and such. don't let the power go to your head. i think ol' hank is letting us be for now, so if anyone is interested in adding another, or has any thoughts, please... i'd like to add another geographical point if i can. e.u. agian (eastern europe or ukrian too maybe), africa, iceland, maybe south amimerica. but i surley don't want to over burden ourselves.
so, covers for june! and i couldn't upload a pic on my profile, like teeny did, so this is for your viewing pleasure incase you wonder what i look like..
p.s. stablenator is the best title for a job position iv'e ever herd!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

may swap thoughts and kudos!

Hello Everyone!  I just finished listening to Cydde's,  John's, and Leo's cd's and I really enjoyed them.

favorite moments:  REO Speedwagon, I have already congratulated John on the genious of including of these songs, but let me state here for the record, that I love REO Speedwagon!  

"hold on" was a pretty great touch too, John.

Cydde- I also really liked "Slave to Love."  For some reason it was very nostalgic, even though i had never heard the song before.  I'll be checking out more Dan Kelly for sure.  
have you seen the new movie with Will Oldham in it?  "Guatemala Handshake"   I just saw a review about it and it made me think of you.

Leo-   I love the whole cd.  You did a great job of including lots of different kinds of music that worked really well together.  It was great because I didn't know most of the Artists, but I really enjoyed the mix.  This month sure a had a lot of great covers in- I can't wait to see what you do next month for our covers cd!

oh, I just came up with an idea too:  best and worst songs of each cd.
I think it would be nice to get some feedback each month, and this would be a pretty quick painless way to give it.
what do you think?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

jon spencer is a good looking man

i met him once when i was 19. it was during the 'orange' tour(his best work in my mind). my girlfriend at the time hit on him while we were talking and i was pissed and blurted out that he was married to one of the hostest women in the biz, christina martinez, and he said "yes i am". and that was that.
blues explosion was amazing untill 'plastic fang', conterversual negro was recorded just in time, right after orange was released, as this band was amazing live. it was turned down by their label due to the title, and the band refused to change it, but leaked the hell out of it and eventually printed some copies as tour suport.
-any early recordings of the blues explosion would be rad.
-i loved the hevy trash cd. it seemed the best hooks were taken striaght from the cramps songbook, but i didn't seem to mind.
-boss hog's cold feet is an amazing lp.

may cd swap review/flagship post

iv'e finally figured out how to get us a discussion panel. we'll see how it goes. i know nothing about this service, so if you know of something better, i'm all for it. i figured we could post about our cd offerings and we can comment and so forth. i've sent everyone an invite to set up your profile.
here are some topics for discussion:
1)future themes
-"greatest albums of all time/records you should have but don't"
some records i love, and know others will to but don't have or know about. i.e. jon spencer blues explosion "conterversual negro", brian eno "here come the warm jets" ect.
an overview of a type of music, group, or artist, i.e metal's best moments, jon spencer's side work ect.

2) i had a great time with this months theme. personally, going through a tough time it was very theripudic. i thought at first it would be weird having to make a "you can do it!" compo while depressed, but the more i played the uplifting songs, like "time for me to fly" by reo speedwagon, the better i felt. i would really like to do more theme compos. i realize "best records ever" is not a comp, so i don't much mind if we shelf it for awhile. do you have any theme ideas?

3)what do you think about discussion groups?