Friday, June 27, 2008

about some girls and a boy

Howdy, I just worked already a bit upfront, just to relieve myself from too much to do before I go on holiday. In other words, I have the girls and a boy compi already ready. I had to think immediately about Bobbie (on the pic). She was the bass player of Claw Boys Claw and every boy was in love with her at that time. A friend of mine even wrote her a love letter. So that was a girl that drove every boy mad, big brown eyes and playing bass, gee what can man wish more. Anyway, all the other girls on the CD are not like Bobbie, some walk away from you, others are disliked by the community, some sing pretty and slow but none plays bass... But the boy on it, girls, you better beware of him.
That's all there is to reveal right now! Just wait for July! Join in for more girls to listen to if you like, if not that's okay as well.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

cover yourself

cover yourself-june 2008 international cd swap
i'd normally add all this in the cd package but my printer id dead, hopefully by next time i'll be all set!

cd 1 cover yourself
1.let's spend the night together- david bowie "aladdin sane" (rolling stones)
2.(i can't get no) satisfaction- devo "are we not men?" (rolling stones)
3.stuck in the metal -eagles of death metal "peace love death metal" ("stuck in the middle" -steelers wheel) light -the mack w/ teneia sanders "louisville is for lovers live 2008(unreleased)" (greatful dead)
5. kiss the bottle -lucero "dreaming in america" (jawbreaker) come u don't call me anymore -prince "b-side of '1999' 7 inch" (original)
7. blood and tears -gallery singers/my morning jacket "louisville babylon 2007 (hidden track)" (danzig)
8.angel of the morning -merrilee rush and the turnabouts "1967 single" (original)
9.thirteen -elliott smith "b sides and other songs" (big star)
10.halloween -wax fang "louisville babylon 2007" (misfits)

i added 2 originals in wich the cover was more popular and the origonal is lesser known. christine is a juice newten fan, and i thought she would like to here this original. i love this merrilee song. a girl put this on a mixed tape for me once, and when i'd leave her home in the early morning and be deliriously driving home as the sun came up i would play this song and sing it aloud in the car.
and the prince song was made popular by alesha keys. i think keys a great song writer/musician and like her cover of this track, but 'how come u don't call me anymore' is my favorite prince song ever, and i am a huge fan! rachel grimes and i were working on a cover of this song awhile back and one nite i walked out to the corner to get a coke, and a car pulled up blairing key's cover, it just came out and i didn't know any thing about it. i was crushed.
i also added two tracks from a cd i released, and i think you guys might already have it, but the other day i played some wax fang and forgot how great this cover is. and the collaberation with me and my morning jacket might seem weird, but i only sang on it and love the music, and the slash guitar solos. and hidden tracks are always fun.

cd 2
baby huey -the baby huey story

1. listen to me (m. johnson)
2.mama get yourself together (origonal-huey)
3.a change is gonna come (sam cooke)
4.mighty mighty (mayfeild)
5.hard times (mayfield)
6.california dreamin' (mamma's and pappas)
7.running (philips) dragon two dragon (origonal-huey)

this baby huey collection is all the songs he recorded before he died of a herion overdose at 26. he was signed to cutis mayfield's label a year before he died, i think '72 maybe. most of the songs are mayfield covers, and a few others including the mama's and the papa's hit california dreamin, and sam cooke's legendary a change is gonna come. and just 2 originals.
he was thought to become a great singer but died before he finished his first lp.
but what i really love is his arrangments. his take on these songs are brilliant. he was a gifted composer. he deffinatly made these songs his own. dang drugs.
the title of this post is a link to more info on baby huey:
it's a great article, and worth reading.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

okay another try from a self absorbed moop

Just a funny pic from a video shoot we did a while ago; check out the result here:

Just a little adverticing....

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

holiday announcement

Just a household announcement; no, I'm not away yet, but before i forget about it, I think I will sent July and August in one package. From my side it will be no compilations, I have no time for that than. I can pick that up in September. I have just digitalized the JSBE show with the interview and I realised I was there too. The problem was that above the studio is a grand cafe and they have nice Belgium beers, so the memory was kind of blurred but came back while listening to this show again! I remember sitting at the bar before the show with a friend of mine and russel simmins. Not that we talked to him or anything, he looked a bit fucked up!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

coke zero

is coke zero avialable where you are? by god it's hot as hell in kentucky these days. wich is why i am really enjoying the snow theme these days. i am really amazed that austraillia gets that wintery. i realized that when using safari browser i couldn't upload pics. cydde, i've sent invites to 3 email adresses that i think are yours. i'd really like for you to be able to post on here. i think we can change it so anybody can post, but i don't know if were asking for trouble that way. i made this post becouse i have nothing to do today, and also i'd like to hear about will o's new lp. i really don't know much. i saw a little blurb in the weekly mag here. suprizingly there wasn't much hub-bub about it. i know he releases alot of "minor" lp's and then sometimes he'll have a big release. leo, you might might know whats up. and also what do you think about 'ziggy stardust'
happy weekend gang!
p.s.-cydde i finally replied to you on the 'flagship' post.
-and leo, i really like the idea of a cd with girl names on it. being boys, maybe it helps. what do the girls think?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


i sent cydde another invite for cydde to sign up, and also made everyone an adminaster, so you all can make changes to our settings and profiles and such. don't let the power go to your head. i think ol' hank is letting us be for now, so if anyone is interested in adding another, or has any thoughts, please... i'd like to add another geographical point if i can. e.u. agian (eastern europe or ukrian too maybe), africa, iceland, maybe south amimerica. but i surley don't want to over burden ourselves.
so, covers for june! and i couldn't upload a pic on my profile, like teeny did, so this is for your viewing pleasure incase you wonder what i look like..
p.s. stablenator is the best title for a job position iv'e ever herd!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

may swap thoughts and kudos!

Hello Everyone!  I just finished listening to Cydde's,  John's, and Leo's cd's and I really enjoyed them.

favorite moments:  REO Speedwagon, I have already congratulated John on the genious of including of these songs, but let me state here for the record, that I love REO Speedwagon!  

"hold on" was a pretty great touch too, John.

Cydde- I also really liked "Slave to Love."  For some reason it was very nostalgic, even though i had never heard the song before.  I'll be checking out more Dan Kelly for sure.  
have you seen the new movie with Will Oldham in it?  "Guatemala Handshake"   I just saw a review about it and it made me think of you.

Leo-   I love the whole cd.  You did a great job of including lots of different kinds of music that worked really well together.  It was great because I didn't know most of the Artists, but I really enjoyed the mix.  This month sure a had a lot of great covers in- I can't wait to see what you do next month for our covers cd!

oh, I just came up with an idea too:  best and worst songs of each cd.
I think it would be nice to get some feedback each month, and this would be a pretty quick painless way to give it.
what do you think?