Tuesday, March 31, 2009

another brother for the cause

along with graeme we also invited another longtime 'louisville is for lovers' friend from austria to join us. and i am happy to report our new friend Martin will be joining us for April. i hope we all can make him feel welcome!
(and i just noticed that earlier this month Hanneke wrote a comment. hi hanneke! i hope you'll join in our posts and swaps sometime! and as cydde will point out, we are low on the female involvement.)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

little april

would anyone like to do an april swap? it may be a small one, i know some of us will be out in the world. i was thinking of maybe a full album or compilation of songs by one band (that's what i am doing), so it won't be a big time consumer. .(unless someone has a theme idea, then count me in).
(above: april, 10 year anniversary of the costliest Australian natural disaster).

Friday, March 13, 2009

ride on

in the beginning we would have swaps planned out for a few months ahead and try to send them out during the month in question, but that was kinda a mess, so now we mostly send out our discs about 10 days before the end of the month. (graeme i'll send you an email of addresses) and usually about now we think up a next swap, which i don't really know whats going on for april since cydde's going to be away, but i'm not going anyplace. april is rainy time here so i'll be inside a lot. so if anyone wants to cook up something. i also might put together another anthology mix i like to do (past ones include superchunk, rolling stones, starkiller/phantom family halo, songs ohia/magnolia electric co., daimien jurado, i forget the others but if your interested in any of those, no prob). so who's a dmx fan now?
(i'm glad the winter is starting to retreat, sorry cydde. happy new apt. greame. welcome teeny. also, i'm a metal worker now.)

in honor of the release of BEWARE, our mystery member, jeffrey, wrote a feature on will oldham that is nice. how does the record stack up? i haven't heard it.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

MARCHing forward

dang! it's march already! and we are totally marching ahead! and the idea for this month's theme. cydde is traveling the e.u. (and leo is getting a house guest?) and i am ready for some warm weather to hit the road on my 1977 kawasaki 400d! and possibly the best news this month, a new swapper, Graeme, will be joining us from Glasgow!
so cydde and i thought maybe we could do a 'hit the road' driving/exploring/moving on type mix, whatever that means to you. if anyone is interested in swapping this month, please leave a comment saying as such. (and we are looking to drop the mixes in the mail by the last week of the month).
and to welcome our new swap mate, i thought maybe we could write a note about ourselves to get aquatinted and help make Graeme feel welcome. happy March gang! i hope all is well.