Sunday, January 18, 2009

mission control

it seems like we maybe ready to plan up another swap. jeffrey said he wanted to send some stuff, and i'm ready for one too.
i defiantly needed some time to bang out a few albums, but now i think i need a distraction from working on the albums. odd how that works; like needing a week to reacclimate yourself after a long holiday.

i know everyone is working through new work changes and all that so i figured maybe we could do a feb. swap with whom ever has the time, but no guilt if you can't. maybe for awhile we can organize monthly swaps with whomever has time and see if that works, so if you can't make it sometimes it's no sweat. we can propose a swap idea on the page and those who are interested can leave a message.
leo mentioned sending some radio broadcasts of the blues ex to me that i wanted to hear, and it got me listening to some radio performances i have here, so maybe we can do a radio broadcast swap? let me know if you are interested in doing that one. another idea, feb is valentine's day, and i know i have some love songs around here somewhere...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

i suck

hey everyone. i feel bad about falling out of the loop but work has been killing me. 51 people were laid off at the newspaper so my workload has picked up. next thing you know they'll have me delivering papers.

i appreciate the last batch of music, and i'm all about some comic books so that was a nice bonus. i'll get busy burning and head to the post office.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

a new year is burdened with hope, and suspicion

this fabled record cover is a good analogy on hopes for this year to come.