Wednesday, July 23, 2008

john's girls

for my offering of "some girls and a boy (icds/july2008)" i decided to narrow my scope to songs of the rolling stones.i don't know why the stone's was my final dicission, maybe becouse of some girls?
when i first thought of this compo the first songs that came to mind where (in cognoscente order) Ohio riverboat song (Catarina), Agnes the queen of sorrows (happens to be my mother's name :Mary Agnes king) and Lola. which are all fantastic songs, but i thought they were maybe too obvious, or at least i wanted to push myself to really seek out new songs and extend my musical knowladge. and by picking the stone's i certainly learned a great deal. i think i have their catalogue in chronological order burned into my Brain.
i decided to cut off my search at steel wheels (in my mind the last best) and had a lot of fun. i listened to over 400 stone's songs and read the lyrics to over 75 songs to make sure i was on track.
a good deal of the song's were a given; ruby Tuesday, Angie, sweet Virgina. and then there were songs not named after girls, but had girls names in them; dead flowers (lay me down little suzie), star fucker ( Ali McGraw got mad with you for givin' head to Steve McQueen), and then there were songs that were not proper names but rather nick names and euphemisms: hey negrita, poison ivy, and sister morphine.
and i even added a song i love, silver train, which doesn't have a girls name in it at all, but the corus is "i did not know her name!" and i thought it was relevant.
and as for the allotment of a boy's name song, i originally didn't haven't have one but at the last minute picked "bye bye johnny" only because i thought the title was fitting. i really never heard this track before, it was a hit in Britain in the early 60's, and believe is charlie watts singing. i don't really like it, but i'm not a big fan of 'show tunes' sounding stuff.
i knew the stone's were prolific but honestly i could have easily done 2 discs if i was picking on lyric content alone.
iv'e always been a fan of the stones but this project has given me a new found respect. i read a lot of historical essays on their work and lives and cannot believe they came up with as much good material in quick succession and under often chaotic circumstances.
i hope you like it, i'm anxious to hear your thoughts and i can't wait to hear your cds!
have a great holiday cydde and leo!