Thursday, August 28, 2008

couple of more theme ideas

how about "comfort records," the ones we go to when some girl has wrecked us or the blues have come down like a thunderstorm. for me, these are records that transcend everything. they're bigger than life.

or "most embarrassing record you love," which generally takes you back to grade school or teen years. candidates for me: "starcastle" (don't ask) or maybe rush's "2112."

this last one is a little more esoteric, but what about "records you can't help but listen to all the way through once you start it"? if i listen to the first track of richard buckner's "devotion and doubt," i ain't going anywhere for the next 35 minutes.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

possible themes

i've two themes that might be obvious but, hey, i'm new to this.

one would be albums from established bands that were dismissed by the band's fans for some reason or another BUT you love the album (for some reason or another). my example would be the jayhawks' "the sound of lies," which i think is total genius but most jayhawks fans didn't like it because it was the first that didn't feature the band's co-founder, mark olson, who had quit.

the other theme is great records by a band or artist who then completely disappeared, and by disappeared i mean you can't even google that shit.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

welcome home and theme ideas

i'd like to be the first to welcome jeffrey lee puckett to the club! mr. puckett is a music editor in louisville, and a pretty wonderful person. if anyone has someone they think would make a good cd swap member, let us know. i still would like to have e.u., south america, african representation. really anywhere on the map would rule!
it's a transitional time here, so we haven't picked upcoming projects yet, so if anyone has an idea, please let us know!
at this point the active members are john,(louisville) cydde (australia), leo(netherlands), and now jeffrey! we have a few 'sometimes' members that may pop back up anytime:teeny(kentucky/japan) hank (italy) bj (louisville).
leo is on holiday until september, so for august we are just having a sender's choice. leo and cydde has sent lp's from bands from their home countris. i don't know yet what i'm doing, but i might do the same. i think i'll send a e.p.s from 2 bands that are fronted by the same man. (songs:ohia/electric magnolia co.). we need to pick what we are doing for september.
i have some idea's for some upcomming compo's.
-"fuck that band!" (bands we origannly ignored due to pre-concieved ideas). this is due to the conversation we were having about songs: ohia/electric magnolia co. cydde i remember you mentioning some bands you treated that way too. it would be a good one for new members to get started with.
-"high skool crush" songs that remind you of your first love/first heartaches. wev'e all been reminiscing lately about the good ol' days, first loves, first bands we really fell in love with. cydde with 'you am i' and jeffrey with the heart of saturday night. i have a freind that has been retracing her favorite bands from her teenage years and i think she's gonna join us for this particular project when we asign a month for it. maybe sep. or oct. after leo comes back and others are ready.
-"history". wev'e been talking about doing this one for a while. doing a cd on a style of music. cydde mentioned she'd like one on the history of metal. i asked some freinds that know metal to help, but no one got around to it. i would love to have one too, i could try but i really don't know that much.(anyone up to the task?)
i think i'd like to do one on garage rock. it's one of my favorite styles of music and every generation has offered some great garage bands, from the who, to jesus and the mary chain, from the 50's to today, in every basement across the world, garage rock is the most raw straight forward and honest rock there is, not hiding behind fancy effects and instruments to tell you that love will tear us apart!
also i think it would be good to stay current on new releases. talking about new lp's and bands making waves. maybe when one of us comes across a new release we can add it in with our monthly mixes and add a post about it so we can talk about it. and sometimes we can assign certain months for it.

and iv'e been working on a mix i call "destroy me" with songs about how someone has taken someone else's trust and totally destroyed them with it. songs that say all the things i'd like to say to my ex-fiancee. maybe i'll add it as a 2nd cd with "high skool crush" or if you all want to do one too, we can make it theme one month.

let me know what you guys think about these theme ideas, and if you have any, we'll add it to the list.
i'll put together an updated members address list and send it out in an email to everyone this week.
thanks and welcome jeffrey, and welcome home leo!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

aout - australie

in a month of poor inspiration, quite a number of the songs on the july compo from the arse-end happened to be australian. for august i included the first full length album from seminal australian band you am i - sound as ever. the photo here is the earliest i could find online which takes me back to my earliest recollection, well before they became a four-piece. my friend in high skool had her diary full of small pictures from rolling stone mag and one was possibly from this shoot where they were sitting on a kerb. confirm - they're not actually that good lookin are they?! i had a crush on the bassist, andy kent, until my sister stood behind him in an airport queue at heathrow.

sound as ever has not been their most acclaimed album though it has some standout songs - it was produced by lee ranaldo. partly because of my nostalgia i prefer this album and more importantly their second - hi-fi way. down the track i will put that in for good measure. john, is the long-player the one that reminded you of songs:ohia? tim rogers i know used to be very self-conscious about his voice - i think it did improve over the course of time, in that he was able to do more with it. certainly, though, their music has never been complex which is what makes a lot of it so good. no one has ever sounded like these guys so they maintain their special place.

thinking about the music web though, i can even link you am i to pajo in less than six degrees! the diagram will accompany september's yet to be determined compo.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

for cydde, and those who share our love of winter

christmas day 2007 chicago ill. south side.

downtown louisville march 2008