Wednesday, May 28, 2008

jon spencer is a good looking man

i met him once when i was 19. it was during the 'orange' tour(his best work in my mind). my girlfriend at the time hit on him while we were talking and i was pissed and blurted out that he was married to one of the hostest women in the biz, christina martinez, and he said "yes i am". and that was that.
blues explosion was amazing untill 'plastic fang', conterversual negro was recorded just in time, right after orange was released, as this band was amazing live. it was turned down by their label due to the title, and the band refused to change it, but leaked the hell out of it and eventually printed some copies as tour suport.
-any early recordings of the blues explosion would be rad.
-i loved the hevy trash cd. it seemed the best hooks were taken striaght from the cramps songbook, but i didn't seem to mind.
-boss hog's cold feet is an amazing lp.

may cd swap review/flagship post

iv'e finally figured out how to get us a discussion panel. we'll see how it goes. i know nothing about this service, so if you know of something better, i'm all for it. i figured we could post about our cd offerings and we can comment and so forth. i've sent everyone an invite to set up your profile.
here are some topics for discussion:
1)future themes
-"greatest albums of all time/records you should have but don't"
some records i love, and know others will to but don't have or know about. i.e. jon spencer blues explosion "conterversual negro", brian eno "here come the warm jets" ect.
an overview of a type of music, group, or artist, i.e metal's best moments, jon spencer's side work ect.

2) i had a great time with this months theme. personally, going through a tough time it was very theripudic. i thought at first it would be weird having to make a "you can do it!" compo while depressed, but the more i played the uplifting songs, like "time for me to fly" by reo speedwagon, the better i felt. i would really like to do more theme compos. i realize "best records ever" is not a comp, so i don't much mind if we shelf it for awhile. do you have any theme ideas?

3)what do you think about discussion groups?