Tuesday, October 21, 2008

november winds are closing in

ok gang let's get a november theme together. one theory that sticks out is jeffrey's idea "bands we like that just disappeared into the night" another one i really like is one that jeffrey and cydde kinda came up with together of doing 3 full albums under related themes. if someone could remind me exactly what the theme was for that one.
if anyone is too busy to participate right now just let us know and maybe we can get some visiting contributers. there are audiophiles out there ready to join the conversation. and really, it's no big deal, and we won't take it personally. if you need some time to catch up on other things in your life, you can come back anytime. promise.
so, let's toss around some themes and get some good winter music together! and really, if anyone needs a break, it is no problem. also, if anyone knows someone out there in some nation that needs a hobby, let us know.
happy near halloween you guys!

Friday, October 3, 2008