Monday, April 27, 2009


alright, this pic MAY be a stretch, but it was the in the first 10 pic results for 'may' on google images. the one girl's name is May. it says so on her athletic uniform.
anyway, anyone have any MAY swap ideas? btw-martin i really like your 'single event' mix idea. that might be a fun one to do.
i'm up for anything. anyone interested this month?


martin said...

what exactly tells you that here name isn't nautica?

of course i'm in, at least i'l try to get the cds out in may

johnking said...

your absolutely right martin. the first time i saw pro volley ball, i thought the girls actually had SPEEDO and TACO BELL tattoos.
also, martin, i absolutely loved your CD, and also the idea of compiling music for a specific event. i'd really like to try to do the same, pick an event and make a soundtrack for it. i'd really like to hear more Austrian music! soap&skin, ghosts, psychedelic jazz, and Bernhard fleischmann! fantastic stuff (really creepy event)!
is there any of your documentary on youtube or somewhere?
also i have gotten into a sub sect music genre, and want to compile a mix of.
it's really strange, but interesting, but i'll keep it a surprise.
so i'm up for any theme. sub-genre? moment or event in time?

Kirky said...

John, everyone, I'd like to apologise for the lack of movement from this side of the world. I've still got everything in boxes and there seems little prospect of anything happening on the selling front any time soon.
I've received some great stuff from you people already and I feel a bit of a fraud for not participating so far.
Please believe that I will - just as soon as I can. Until then...

johnking said...

i think we should not worry about may, and wait until june to do our next swap. it'll give all of us time to prepare, and take out some of the stress. after all, this is supposed to be a fun break from our normal hectic lives, and i wouldn't want it adding to your daily worries.

teeny said...

Hey all, I meant also meant to give Martin kudos--great first selection. Look forward to our June picks!