Wednesday, May 13, 2009

clean slate

this month has gotten away from me. it's half over already and we haven't picked a swap idea. and also i have kinda confused myself by sending last month's swap to people at different times and now i can't remember who i haven't sent to yet and who got what.
and i think we all could use a bit of catching up. so i suggest we just look toward June as our next swap time so we all can pick a theme, and have plenty of time to prepare.
it will also give me time to send out my Lucero mix to anyone who wants it, and my follow up, a dacade of Damien Jurado, to anyone who might want it too. just leave a note here and i will get it out to you!
but our first order is to pick a JUNE THEME.
i liked Martin's idea of working on a feeling or moment in time. one idea was to do an all Live mix. also we had a good time on the "gambette!"/ "heart in the belt" pick yourself up mix last year, maybe we could pick another such feeling like "goodbye music" or "wanting to wallow" mix.
so let me know what you think and we'll post JUNE"S THEME soon so we'll have plenty of time to dig in.
-welcome back cydde!


Leo said...

sorry for my no postings lately. As ever it's ben busy here. But only wuth nice things. I've went out to see a lot of musics; Bonnie (which was great!) TJO and Mirah (great as well), Whip, Shearwater, and many more. Anyway, April is burned but I couldn't find the time to send it out, but I will try to send it out this afternoon. I haven't seen other April cd's here. Is there anyone who has sent something?
I have no ideas for June but will go with the flow.

cydde said...

hello boys!

sincere apologies for dropping off the planet. i spent several days circling in its atmosphere but have been back in earth for a little while now, getting used to normality again :)

wanting to wallow sounds good because i'm half there (and thinking critically about it will make sure i don't fully do it!).

so you will all get a big next package from me, given that i've been so far behind. there should be at least 3 discs!!

teeny said...

Hi all, sorry I have also been absent. End of school, photo jobs, illness, and plain laziness have kept me occupied but I'm turning over a new leaf for june. I also think wanting to wallow sounds good- although I might do an opposite- wanting to wallow in irrational happiness. What can I say-- springtime makes me happy! Also, Leo, you should have gotten an April package from me. Let me know if it doesn't come soon and I'll send it again.
Hope all is well. Can't wiat to see some photos of your trip Cydde!